A blog about 3 sisters trolling the world

And we don’t even care if no one ever reads this blog because we had so much fun writing it

A short list of things we like:

  1. Each other
  2. Breaking up with our boyfriends all at the same time  (lol kidding)

^actually couldn’t think of other things


CHARACTER 1: Keast, otherwise known as Kate Eastwood

Birthday: March 23, 1994, age 24

Current: New York, New York. Mom (beast) is really tired of my shit. Come to think of it, so am I. I love traveling but I once cried watching a Menard’s commercial because I love and miss the midwest so much. Watch commercial here to fully understand how lame that is.

Interests: dogs, ramen, the midwest, college football, chilli cheese, trolling my sisters’ boyfriends, taco tuesday, the hustle


CHARACTER 2: Reast, the girl formerly known as Rachel Eastwood

Birthday: October 24, 1995, age 22

Current: New York, New York. Formerly: A hustla on the streets of Madrid

Interests: the color green, hazelnut ice cream, red wine, Spanish telenovelas, Hamilton the Musical, Hot Rod, Big Bowl of Fun, hustlin

Disinterests: Asparagus, the month of February, when businesses use “Papyrus” font for their logo, Apple Maps


CHARACTER 3: Eeast, sometimes known as Erin Eastwood

Birthday: May 17, 1997, age 21

Current: Cbus. Studying finahnce at THE Ohio State University, has a pending application to be on survivor, the baby of the family so clearly our parent’s favorite.

Interests: Chipotle, attempting half marathons, puns, watching netflix

Disinterests: People that don’t use their turning signals, orange, when reast and keast live far away from me


Other important characters:

Beast: aka mama bear Betsey Eastwood, still sometimes gets carded at bars


Current (and forever): Cbus. Prays daily that the three of us end up “east of the Mississippi.” Sad 4 her because judging by our current track record, this doesn’t seem super likely.

Interesting fact: Weirdly doesn’t like ramen that much (?), orders no broth ramen when we go as a family (???)

Interests (in order (actually, the order of the first two are up for debate)): her children, tapas, incense, trivia at the local taco restaurant “Yabos,” running our dogs instagram account (@eastwoodcavaliers),  renaming our group texts with heart emojis

Disinterests: half eaten sandwiches


Ceast: Chester Eastwood. Family doge. Age 6.

Least: But tbh shes last but not least — LILY Eastwood. The latest addition. Age 1.